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Want To Know About “AWS Certified Developer-Associate?

The AWS Certified Developer-Associate certification is intended & developed to assist you to figure out on how to utilize the AWS SDK for creating secure, protect and versatile cloud applications in a refined manner. That will assist the individual’s to pass the AWS Developer Associate Exam with the best score. Those individual’s want to become AWS Developer Associate, who can start this course with AWS diagram moving to IAM (Identity and Access Management), EC2 (Elastic Compute Cloud) S3 (simple storage services), SQS (Simple Queue Service), Data Base administrations, DynamoDB, SNS (Simple Notification Service), SWS (Simple Workflow Service), AWS application administrations, Management instruments Lambda and Kinesis, SDK, AWS security highlights and Cost administration. The professionals will also the expertise on how merge to associate with AWS utilizing code.

What Will Be Course Objective?

The AWS Certified Developer-Associate course validates technical expertise in developing and maintaining applications on the AWS platform. The professional can avail an idea and complete knowledge about the objective for this course or exam by reading the following concepts includes:-

    • Plan, design, develop, and deploy scalable and elastic cloud solutions using AWS.

    • Picking the privilege AWS administrations for the application.

    • Utilizing AWS SDKs to communicate with AWS administrations from your application.

    • Composing code that streamlines execution of AWS administrations utilized by your application.

    • Arrange, plan, create/develop, and then deploy the cloud solution utilizing AWS in a precise manner.

    • Verify & execute the right code-level application security (includes IAM parts, encryption, etc.)

    • Confirm and execute the suitable design for development, testing and arranging situations.

    • Analyze and convey secure strategies for ideal cloud arrangement and upkeep.

    • Create and keep up applications composed for S3, SQS console, SNS console, DynamoDB, AWS Elastic Beanstalk, and AWS CloudFormation.

    • Distinguish and execute cloud security with the finest practices.

Who Can Do This Course?

The AWS Certified Developer-Associate is the best suit for the following roles:-

    • The professional’s who have aware the AWS platform.

    • The professional’s, who have one or more years of experience coding & providing the solutions using AWS platform/services.

    • The professional’s who are interested in the CloudFormation feilds.

What Are the Qualification/Prerequisites For this Course?

For the candidates there are some qualification/prerequisites have requires for this AWS Certified Developer-Associate exam, are included:-

    • 1 or more than 1 year of hands-on experience designing, controlling and keep up an AWS-based application.

    • The professionals have depth knowledge at least one high-level programming language.

    • Experience & understanding of core AWS services, management, uses, and basic architecture.

    • Have an ability in designing, developing, and deploying, cost-effective, cloud-based solutions using AWS.

    • Well-versed and experienced with developing, and keeping the applications that are written for Amazon Simple Storage Service, DynamoDB, Simple Queue Service, Simple Workflow Service Simple Notification Service, AWS Elastic Beanstalk, and AWS CloudFormation.

    • Comprehension of stateless and approximately coupled conveyed applications.

    • Commonality creates the API interfaces.

    • Aware with messaging & queuing services.

    • Essential comprehension of social and non-social databases.

Exam Overview:-

    • 80 minutes time to complete the exam.

    • Multiple choice and Multiple answer questions.

    • The exam questions pattern is available in various Languages, includes English, Japanese, and Simplified Chinese, etc.

    • The practice exam Registration fee is USD 20.

    • The exam Registration fee is USD 150.

    • No prerequisites suggested to avail creating or developing on AWS.

For other help- https://www.careerera.com/cloud-and-virtualization/aws-certified-developer-associate


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